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February 15,2011

A world full of SH*T!!!!!

Once upon a time there used to be people in this world who realized to every action theirs a reaction. But now we live in such a social network lifestyle people cant use the bathroom and not talk about it. I mean people talk about everything from the second they wake up to the second they fall asleep. And if they cant fall asleep they talk about how they cant fall asleep. Moral is at a all time low in this country and it easy to say its quite sad. People complain about “Wheres our freedom” but people willingly forfeit it buy invading there own privacy and there of there friends. People openly brag about the embarrassing thing they do that would have there grandparents turning over in there grave.

What happened to staying private, keeping things to your self occasionally, being more concerned about getting further in life rather than getting more comments on a post you put on the internet. With all this being done not only does it demoralize who you are but where you come from. And how hard your family has worked to put you in a situation to succeed in life but yet people are always going off track with all the distractions that are presented to them. Everyone’s always looking for a shortcut but only find themselves going off the path to success.

And one of my biggest pep peeves is “DATING WEBSITES” like match.com and others similar to it? Why is it you think people cant find companions anymore? Let me tell you. Its because you leave nothing disclosed about yourself anymore. You want to know about someone log onto there facebook page or follow them on twitter. Go into there info section and there you go its all right there! Why would you want to take someone out to get to know them if they give it to you all before you even get to meet them.  There is no more curiosity in getting to know someone. It’s just bland.  So people go on these Dating sites as hopeless romantics cause everyone they met on facebook knew everything about them and weren’t interested in getting to know them anymore but just to get them in bed and everyone they originally knew now know everything there is to know about that person so where is the excitement?.

Friends believe me when i say this, this is a sad day. And we feel offended when they call us the lost generation, but how can we when we truly are lost. When people cant decide whether to wear a red shirt or a blue shirt so they must ask the world.

Now im not perfect myself, but let me tell you one thing. Its never too late to change.


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