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March 1,2011

Antipasto Wednesdays 3/2 & 3/9

Wednesdays at Antipasto we’re established almost two years ago by Timmy, Rizz, & PDA in Addison.  We wanted to give everyone a bit of a different vibe and a party outside of the city.  It has grown to be one of the best suburb parties around!!  With the huge outside patio for people to enjoy the weather and great music.  So be sure to check us out some time, lots of new faces every Wednesday and even if you aren’t looking for some midweek cocktails Antipasto has great food to indulge into!

We have two great parties lined up for you in the next two weeks so be sure to check the flier for all the information like Mardi Gras with the one and only Bobby D!

Resident Antipasto DJ’s:

Inphinity, Criz R, PDA, Uh-Oh, E3, Marc D, any special guests

Resident Antipasto Staff:

Billy Beers, Michelle Cozzo, Adena Marie, Dani Bang Bang, Hello KT, Victoria Secret, & Capozi

Resident Antipasto Hosts:

Timmyboy, PDA, Mike Taylor, Danny Trend, & myself

For any other questions or table reservations please call/txt myself at (847.668.8586) or e-mail at (georgerizzio@promose7en.com)