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October 19,2011

“Are women Who Have Sex on the First Date “Sluts?””

This is a great article brought to my attention on my facebook, and now here is my opinion…

I agree with every part of her article completely, all Women are not sluts if they have sex on the first date.  But ladies this also means neither are men.  Plenty has changed growing up and I’ve learned to adapt.   Well not really because I still can’t see myself in a relationship and I’m 28 years old.  But I have learned that women are just as “promiscuous” as men, if not a bit more at times since they have the POTP.    But really what’s wrong with that?  I say nothing, although if you ladies are looking to get into something more serious then hold off at least till the 2nd date.  Give the guy a chance to be romantic.

It’s a bit different with guys though, we sometimes have to put forth an effort to get laid.  While on the other hand, whenever girls want it they’ll shoot whom ever a text or find whatever guy in the bar they’d like and BOOM done deal.  I almost think now a days it’s healthier to have a good sexual relationship with one person rather then getting into a full fledged “Who you with? Where you at? Why don’t I see you enough?” type relationship.  Yes I know not all relationships are like that, but in my past most end up that way and I personally could not put that stress in my life.  What’s everyone else’s feelings on this topic?  Do you think it’s healthier to just have a good sexual relationship rather then being in a full fledged I need to see you and call you every day type one? Chime in.