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February 1,2011

Before you give up on that New Years Resolution…

It’s no secret that one of the most popular New Years Resolutions is to get in shape.  It’s also no secret that a lot of people give up after that first month.  It could be people’s schedules, dissatisfaction with results, hitting a plateau, or just flat out not knowing what you’re doing.  Luckily I’ve found the workout that is the cure for all of these.  It was first made public a couple of years ago by my Men’s Health, and is one of my favorite conditioning workouts.  It’s a time saver, a plateau breaker, and an all around butt kicker.  It’s known as the Spartacus Workout.  45 minutes of fat incinerating muscle making awesomeness.  I use this workout regularly often using it as a cardio replacement whether I am training for football, cycling, rock climbing, or snowboarding.  Try this for a couple weeks to get your conditioning up and get over your first bout of New Years Resolution Blues.

This link contains instructions as well as step by step photographs of the routine:   http://www.military.com/military-fitness-slideshows/spartacus-workout.html