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March 9,2011

Bootsy’s Top 5 must do excercises

I had client at our gym after watching my routines for a week ask me an interesting question. One that I loved, and thought everyone should have the answer too. “What do you think are the most important exercises” It didn’t take me long to answer. The Following are the absolute most important exercises you need to learn to do. In coming weeks I will be Doing my own video demonstrations, but for now I used the best techniques I could find on our handy world wide web.

1. The Deadlift – If you did only one exercise, and that was it, make it a deadlift. It incorporates a vast number of muscles that no other exercise alone could accomplish. The below video explains proper form and perfect technique. I recommend training these with light weight until you have developed excellent technique. While it is the most important, it can also be the most dangerous when improperly executed.

2. The Pullup – Pretty self explanatory, and doesn’t need a video to explain. Do variations, chinups, wide grip, narrow grip, slow, fast, etc. Keep your core solid and straight, and don’t swing or use momentum to complete the movement. Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together as you pull yourself up. This is an important movement because you need to be able to manage your own weight.

3. The Squat – Like the deadlift this exercise incorporates a large number of muscles through out your body when done properly. Again, head up, chest up, and core tight. The Squat is a better ab builder than most of the ab exercises you’ve trudged through in the vain attempt to get a 6 pack. The stability needed to perform heavy squats comes from your core muscles. Save the excuses about bad knees also. Go lighter. The squat is one of the best ways to strengthen bad knees. The below video is a bit dry but it will give you what you need to know.

4. The Standing Military Press – Yes, that’s right not the bench press. The ability to press weight above your head is more practical, and will build the same muscles and more that you need to complete the pushing exercise done with a bench press. By standing and keeping a tight straight core you again bring in tons of stabilizer muscles that are often neglected by our sedentary lifestyles. Behind the head in and front of the head variations should both be done thus targeting back and chest muscles from different angles.

5. The Power Clean – You’ve seen it in the Olympics and thanks to the Crossfit craze You’re seeing a lot more of it in your local gym. This is a full body blasting feat of strength. It requires strong fluid movement that is useful for any athlete. And if you’re not an athlete it’s just a great way to tone muscles, strengthen connective tissue, and get a lot of work done in a short period of time. The following video features as near perfect form as you will ever see

These 5 exercises will do more for your body in over all strength, fitness, coordination, and balance than anything else. Each of them utilizes multiple muscle grips and multiple joints, to complete thus giving you “more bang for your buck” Taxed for time? Do just these five moves 3 to 4 days a week and watch that alone create fitness gains like never before.