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July 5,2011

RIP Chris Szmajlo (Shmay)

Chris Szmajlo (or Shmay) was an amazing person that is a very easy thing for me to say with out having to think twice about it.  I dont know how many times we have hung out and I can not say we were the closest of friends, but we had a common interest that both of us kept dear to our hearts… music.  I have been singing since I was a little kid and as soon as he asked me to hear his first song I knew 100% this kid had absolute undisputed raw talent. I have listened to all of his songs before but today is a bit different, I am feeling them for the first time.  Every note his voice carries gives me the chills and brings me to tears.  I loved your music and I am very very sad that I will never get to hear another original song by you.

It is a very very sad day for me.  Rizz and I kept calling your phone and it was going straight to voicemail.  My heart dropped and we did not know what to do.  I said a prayer last night for you to be fine and everything to be ok, my prayers were not answered.  I love and miss you and will sing your songs.