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September 20,2011



In a city that’s become the birthplace of House Music, he is one of the most popular Chicago based artists that’s held residencies at Chicago’s most respected House Music Clubs such as Spybar, Crobar and Sound-bar.  Early in his music career, DJ Kalendr quickly became recognized and respected by the Chicago community for his talents and began playing at other venues across the United States.  Tryst & Jet Las Vegas, My Patio in L.A., Mansion, Cameo, Mekka in Miami, Felt & Underbar in Boston to name a few.  In 2008, he toured in Brazil and set up the dance-floor for legendary Chicago DJ/Producer Bay Boy Bill.  Kalendr’s global presence also includes a residency on the Groove Cruise, which is the world’s largest fully charted dance music cruise experience featuring such reputable artists as DeadMau5, Kaskade, Benny Bennassi, Dirty South, Sanders Van Dorn, Robbie Rivera, Max Vangeli etc.

Since then, Kalendr has been working alongside other recognized DJ/Producers such as Inphinity, Steve Smooth, Alex Peace, and is embarking on a new chapert in his music career as a producer.


Fixed: Hey Kalendr, what can you attribute to your success establishing yourself so quickly in the Chicago music scene?

Kalendr: What up Fixed! I had a couple of friends living in Chicago with established contacts, but I think prior to moving to here, I was fortunate that my work experiences such as DJing for the Campus Life Tour and headlining Spring Break parties hosted by MTV helped me create a diverse style that was in demand when I moved here.

Fixed: Who are your biggest influences?

Kalendr: Oh man, I have a bunch but off the top of my head it would be Bad Boy Bill, Kaskade, John Dahlback, Axwell, Dirty South, Mark Knight, Wolfgang Gartner and other influences are Dave Matthews, Cure Coldplay, Fray, Incubus, Police, and Sarah Mclachlan.

Fixed: How long have you been producing for?

Kalendr: A little over 3 years. I’m at it non-stop and have dedicated most of my time to learning and making music. I love it and everything seems to be coming together. Good things ahead!!!

Fixed: What releases can we check out?

Kalendr: Well, I have some upcoming calibrations along with some solo work to look out for in the upcoming months. I just released a remix for Steve Smooth ft. Tamra Keenan called “You Take Me Here” on Ultra Records and one for Joey C and DJ Torio ft Nikki K. called “How It Goes” released on Movement Music. Inphinity and I just did a remix for Jessica Sutta called “Show Me” she is an artist from the Pussycat Dolls. You can also check out a remix we did for Steve Smooth called “So High” ft Luvli released on Ultra Records. Eric Morillo just licensed it for his “Subliminal Invasion” mix compilation released August 1st. For more of my music go to http://soundcloud.com/kalendrmusic

Fixed: Do you have a podcast or radio show?

Kalendr: Yes, I have both! I have a Kalendr Live Podcast which features mixes from me and collaborations with others!!! I also produce Groove Cruise Radio w/ Steve Smooth featuring Groove Cruise residents and headlines such as Funkagenda, Darude, Max Vangeli, Thomas Gold, Damitri Vegas & Like Mike, Sander Van Dorn and Boris!

Fixed: What are you most proud of in your music career?

Kalendr: That I have made it to this point of my life playing and making music. I have also had the opportunity to hold some of the best residencies in the midwest and get to travel with friends and play dope clubs and big dance-floors.

Fixed: What’s one of your most memorable experiences DJing?

Kalendr: The Groove Cruise is an incredible experience, the energy and the people are unbelievable. I recommend to everybody who love house music to check it out! I also have to mention the opportunity to tour with Bad Boy Bill in Brazil and play in Sao Paulo, Buzios, Buenos Aires for 12 days!

Fixed: What can we expect from you in the future?

Kalendr: Music that fills the floors and makes people move!