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February 15,2011

Form Meets Function

A friend of mine sent me an article on one of my other idols the other day. He’s someone any man will recognize immediately. You’ve watched all his movies, probably one right after the other. And you’ve discussed over multiple UFC events if any of the competitors could take him in a fight if he were alive. The answer is no. His martial art was the birth of true Mixed Martial Arts; his fitness was based on true functionality, and this man was Bruce Lee.

The article that I’m talking about can be found HERE

It’s a bit lengthy, a bit repetitive, and not the most well written piece, but it features some great tales about Bruce as well as drives home one of the most important lessons to be learned in the fitness world. Form meets function. We hear that phrase a lot. You may have heard it about cars, boats, and architecture. Where it really rings true for me is with the human body.

This one statement is where all of my basis comes from with in the fitness world. I’m just like every other guy when it comes to hitting the beach. I wanna pop my shirt off and look like I’m made of chiseled marble. But that’s not where my inspiration comes from when I train. My inspiration comes from functionality. It comes from the athletic ability to perform tremendous tasks, much like Bruce Lee. And much like Bruce Lee, the muscular form follows. The flaring lats, massive pecs, and abs like a collection of smooth stones come from the building of a fully functional warrior. By preparing the body for battle, be it martial arts or strutting your stuff at Castaways, you can be sure you’ll have the muscular form you desire. Bruce was proof of this. Stop focusing on how you look in the mirror for a moment and start focusing on jumping higher, running faster, and pushing stronger. Everything else will follow.