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April 10,2011

Gus Karas w/ Made In Chicago

Promose7en on Gus Karas with Made in Chicago..

P7: How long have you been DJing for?

GK: Started Deejaying  in 1994 I am 34 now & have played from Miami res at Nikki beach, Crobar Mansion, way to many to list in Chicago, Greece Germany, New York, the list goes on.

P7: What’s your favorite club to play at right now?

GK: V Live, best sound system in all of Chicago.

P7: Whats your favorite club of all time in Chicago?

GK: I would have to say XL till this day there has been nothing like it!

P7: Who is all involved in Made in Chicago?

GK: I am the founder/owner of Made In Chicago with Gordo & Buddha.

P7: What can we plan to see from you guys in the future?

GK: The future for Made is huge web site launch on the 20th, we will be coming out with a CD/DVD press kit for nightclubs worldwide & already have been booked for many out of town gigs with Made In Chicago.

P7: What do people expect to see when they come hangs out with you guys at your events?

GK: People expect are dj’s to play the newest hottest music & videos out & lot’s of free shots lol

P7: Whats your preferred shot of choice?

GK: My fav shot right now is tequila sour but it changes from Sean shots to O bombs!

P7: Whats your personal opinion on Criz R?

GK: Chris R is a great dj that can be found on my couch once a week “Where am I” :)

P7: Will there ever be another club xl or anything similar in Chicago again?

GK: Never will there be another Xl they have changed the laws thanks to me lol.  Owner of building goes to jail if they make 3 arrests in 1 year, they have changed all the rules that I followed so no one can ever do it again.