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March 21,2011


Thursday, April 7th – Elite & Promose7en’s Opening Night @ HEARTS…

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As we all know it Thursdays in the city of Chicago have been none the less very boring lately and its time to change that…. | HEARTS = 1 of the most beautiful clubs in the city of Chicago | A very classy, unique, and different look than any other club in the city | Full details coming soon =)

Calling Wesley Snipes; we’ve got the perfect locale for Blade’s next nightclub vampire hunt. Tucked away on Goose Island, Hearts (1115 N Branch St/ heartschicago.com) is the very definition of a destination spot. Isolated and awash in blacks and reds, it’s gothic, exotic and open late till 4am (and if getting there is an issue, have the club’s car service chauffeur you in style). A fanged greeting from a cocktail waitress wouldn’t have been at all shocking.

A far cry from the bohemianism of the old Slick’s Lounge, Hearts is engulfed in floor-to-ceiling black, cut by a disco ball sparkle and the tall, backlit black-and-white photos of rocker dudes and club chicks. The club’s centerpiece, an angular red archway framing the DJ booth, drives home its Madonna-esque provocative chic. From the same family that brought us Crescendo and Sound-Bar, bring you HEARTS, it’s a four-on-the-floor affair.

The drinks The seating is built for bottle service, but if that’s not your speed, three bars mean a drink is always close by.

Table Reservations / Party Packages please call George Rizzio: 847.668.8586