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June 28,2011

I’m excited for 4th of July weekend!!! This is what I got going on.. :)

First let’s talk a little bit about last weekend… I thought it was amazing Chicago had Avicii & Tiesto both on the same weekend, Jeff Callahan is really doing a great job bringing in big talent!!   Friday night got a little crazy for us at Proof since it was our very own VIP host Spencer’s Birthday and he only drinks once a year.  So you can only imagine the torture we put him through, he survived and didn’t end up G’d out or dead like some of the kids at the “RE hydrate party”.  Can I just say I think its pathetic that some people got together to show us something different and do a nice pool party for everyone, yet these kids find a way to ruin it and get it shut down.  Props to everyone who threw the party and DJ’d and shame on you other douche bags for ruining it for everyone. Now you know why nobody takes the time to throw those parties, so don’t complain about how come Chicago never does anything like Wet Republic.

Now onto this weekend, I’m excited cause we have some fun stuff lined up of our own.   No we’re not bringing in Steve Angello or Deadmau5 as much as we would love to do so.  But tomorrow night at Antipasto we’re doing a “Short Shorts” party because it’s finally going to be super nice out and the patio will come into good use.  So ladies rip out your dazy dukes and guys we’ll f*ck it you can too!!  Whoever does it gets free shots on Timmy and I.  Then Friday at Proof the promose7en crew and proof staff are all going to rock out some crazy mustaches for the hell of it, girls you can just do the hipster way and draw it on your finger lol.  Saturday we got a Neal K Fashion show at Spybar which is always a good time because Neal K brings in the hottest Chicago models around.  Sunday I’ll most likely chill on the boats and relax most of the day.

Monday on 4th of July I will be attending AnotherLevel’s Yacht party on the Anita Dee off Navy Pier, you can get your tickets off of clubtix.net or just contact me at 847.668.8586 and I can get them to you personally.. Should be an exciting weekend here in Chicago, try not to miss out of all these crazy parties and if you have anything different/fun going on that I should know about please let me know! :)

-George Rizzio

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