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October 12,2011

I’m not one to call someone out, but when it’s deserved.. it’s deserved!

So I get a picture message from a friend showing this….

Mind you I have no clue who this kid is talking nonsense about Promose7en, which ultimately is a stab at me no matter what.  When Promose7en is mentioned I always take it as they are talking directly to me.  Although I’m not friends with this guy on Facebook, I decided to throw his name in the search button.  What do you know, we got pics?!?! Take a look at the person telling promose7en people to “stop creeping”.

p.s. I don’t need to be taken seriously by you.  If my photographer ever takes a picture of you I will fire him, ok I’d never fire Ruru he’s the best.  But I’d definitely delete the picture before it makes it to the site.