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October 25,2011

“New Phone” or New Phone! It’s been pointless until now…

Ok, this will be the day I convert to an iPhone. I never understood why people always “upgraded” or got a “new” blackberries, androids, and even the iPhones.  All they would do is make it a tiny bit smaller and change around the home screen a bit to make you think you are getting something spectacular.   Even with the new iPhone 4s, I mean what a f*cking rip off?!  Ok same exact phone a bit smaller, but now if you are forever alone guy you can talk to Siri.

I had a blackberry pretty much the past 5-6 years up until last summer I switched to an Android.  It’s a good phone I like the way they work, but I’m not going to buy the NEWEST Android every 6 months cause it got thinner. After seeing this  iPhone 5 video though you can bet your ass I will be switching over and saying goodbye to droid does.