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December 4,2013

FAREWELL SUNDAY FUNDAY @ MICKEY’S -10 years of greatness 12/8

I just wanna say I’m super grateful to be a part of a farewell party to a venue that’s been around for a decade. I’m also very grateful for meeting this man Mike Rizzo, he’s one of the good ones in this industry and I know I’ve made a great friend out of a business relationship.  Which is rare at times in this industry.  So with that being said, come join us and everyone else that has gotten a little crazy at Mickey’s before.   It’s gonna be a ZOO in this place, and not with wild animals but with industry people showing us there fantastic drinking skills.  Got DJ’s Criz R, Nicky Balzano, & Bad Luck in the building.  Be afraid, be very afraid!!  Afters at Bull & Bear!