Located in Nightlife, Random | Posted by billy sellas
February 20,2011

Wristbands and not tipping at a bar.

I dont understand this. Most bars/clubs offer a drink package now a days. Its a 3 hour open bar for $35. Open bar as in all you can drink. Now, seeing as the average drink in a Chicago night club is around @9+, youre getting a great deal.. At what point, did you 21 year old kids decide youre not going to tip? How big of a Jew can you possibly be? Have you ever realized, that after drinking all the vodka redbulls you can handle, for 3 hours, youre still sober. Do you ever take 2 minutes and think why thats the case. Im sure I will get some retard making a statement about how “bartending is a joke” or some kind of condescending¬† comment about bartending (even though we make much more than you do per year), but its still a job. Im sure if I asked you to go into your work and do your job for free, you would look at me like im an idiot, so what makes you think that the same rule doesnt apply. Not only do you look like a fucking jagoff with a bright pink wristband that screams im cheap, but youve also just wasted $35, which im sure is the entire amount of money you walked into a club with.. I hope you enjoy your cranberry on the rocks, youve been drinking it for 3 hours now. I know times are tough for people, but if you even put $10 or $20 down on the bar, for the entire open bar, you will get much better service and drinks that actually include alcohol.