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August 2,2011

Thank you all for a huge success at Lincoln fest!!

I just wanted to personally thank all of you for coming out and supporting our party at Lincoln Fest this past weekend!   Both days Hi Tops was out of control, all the DJ’s did an amazing job on getting everyone dancing especially JJ Flores!   Usually with that many DJ’s its such a head ache to deal with and work out times.  But everyone worked together and was super laid back about everything.   Sean Strange special thanks goes out to you for helping us both days with all the equipment and getting everything set up, without that we wouldn’t have had a party.  I also wanted to thank TJ Rilling  for making this all possible for the Promose7en Crew, this was our first year where we could book whoever we wanted and run the show.  He also did a great job on the mic promoting the party, showing each DJ credit while they were playing, and getting the crowd pumped.  Lastly thank you Casey & the Hi Tops staff for being so easy going with us, I know we can be a huge pain in the ass sometimes like when we are ordering 30 shots at a time at a fully packed bar.  But you guys did an awesome job at the bar, with security, the beer tent, letting us put the equipment outside the 2nd day, and letting us just throw a party!!  Hope to rock it out again in 2012 just like we did this year! :)

-George Rizzio