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February 9,2012

The Duck Face

I feel like not enough people say this, so I’m going to. To be honest, even if everyone said it, that still wouldn’t be enough people.

Girls. Cut that shit the fuck out. You look like you’re gettin’ down with an extra chromosome.

The is nothing, and I mean literally NOTHING attractive about making the duck face. You all look like idiots. Let me really emphasize that word all. I don’t care how attractive you are, or for that matter, how attractive you think you are. The instant you pucker those lips, you look like something that shouldn’t have survived an IED blast.

I mean seriously…have you actually taken the time to look at what you look like? I mean REALLY look at it. “But oh, it’s cute!” No. You look like a troll.

On behalf of everyone everywhere, men and women alike…

Cut. That. Shit. The. Fuck. Out.

Can I get an Amen?