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January 28,2011

The Future of DJing is here?

I pretty much never miss an episode of Attack of the Show on G4TV. On Wednesday’s show, they had an exclusive demo with one of the co-creators of this new piece of technology. I don’t need to describe it, because anything you would want to know is covered in the video. On the other hand, from a personal perspective, I would never use it. The fact that you can’t be hands on with something that allows you to cut and scratch, among other things, is really the deal breaker there for me. On the other hand, the diluted population that calls themselves “DJ’s” these days, (you know, the ones that sit there like an overpaid iPod and mix only one genre intro to outro for 2-3 hours at the same tempo) would probably jump at the chance to add some kind of excitement to their already explicitly boring show. This is just my opinion. Feel free to weigh in with your own words of wisdom.

Exclusive Emulator Demo with Alan Smithson