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April 29,2011


Hot Dogs, Pizza, Italian Sausages, & Cheese Fries are the more familiar foods that come from the back of Chicago’s Food Trucks.  The newer concept: gourmet foods placed in tricked-out-rides whose whereabouts are broadcasted among all the popular social networks for the people.  I recently tried “the MEATBALLS MOBILE” and go the Shweddy Meatballs – Spicy Tunisian Style Lamb & Chicken Balls, Eggplant, Zucchini, Tomato for $8 and loved it and the idea.

I plan on trying “The Southern Mac & Cheese” truck next located at Madison and Wells, which is probably not the healthiest option, but probably better than fast food and definitely more exciting.

There’s something about these Food Trucks that remind me of all the street vendors in NYC or mobile creperies in Paris that make this trend a thrilling experience.  Plus, it’s better than eating from the same menu everyday from surrounding restaurants.