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November 17,2011

The rumors are true… My golden account on FB was disabled, by FB!

No people I did not delete my Facebook myself because I thought “I needed alone time”  or “Too much drama and it was distracting me from real life!” or whatever crazy reason people use.  I use my Facebook mostly for work purposes and stalking new girls, mainly work though.   I am still waiting on confirmation to see if they will allow that account to be active again before I let it all out here on why it was most likely disabled.  I don’t want to give whoever more ammo for his be-begun, just yet!  It would suck to lose all those pictures and memories from 2007 until now, and all the work pages I created along with it!  But I will be back eventually, “they can’t hold me down!”  I don’t get how theirs tons of pictures of straight up legit PORN being posted, or dead bodies, and bloody dead animals, yet somehow what I posted was wayyyy too extreme!


Oh and no people I’m not in jail, even though someone showed me that this is going around on fb. lol

Hope I get to see you all tomorrow night in the Proof Penthouse for our “RECESS” party, girls dress up as sexy school girls or whatever school character you wanna be.  Guys let’s see some buff gym teachers and strict principals!  I got surprises for everyone.  Going to be a great night. :)

BTW I’m obsessed with this song…