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February 14,2011

Top 10 Indie Rock Love Songs

Valentine’s Day is a day not of love but of overture. From the elderly man who gives a card to his wife of fifty years, to the businessman who buys flowers from the store on his way home, to the prepubescent teen who covertly tucks candy into his crush’s locker, the day is in itself devoted to the grand act of courtship. Love is secondary to the act, i.e., the undertaking, for even if love exists overtly and is felt everyday, it isn’t enough if it is not set on display. Up until Valentine’s Day, the man prepares–he visits the florists, the chocolatier, the department store–with the intention of finding a gift that will convey his sentiments.

With Valentine’s Day comes expectation, that on this day, that in spite of the way society breaks us men into our elemental parts, that we can collectively shed our masculinity, and devote ourselves to the act of making our woman happy. And as for me…I need to go Valentine’s Day shopping.

These are my Top 10 Indie Rock Love Songs

10. Perfume Genius – Learning
9. Bon Iver – Skinny Love
8. Beulah – If We Can Land a Man on the Moon
7. Iron & Wine – Love and Some Verses
6. M. Ward – Post War
5. Papa M – Roses in the Snow
4. Beirut – Postcards from Italy
3. The Magnetic Fields – Maria, Maria, Maria
2. Serge Gainsbourg – Je T’Aime, Moi non Plus
1. Yo La Tengo – Our Way to Fall