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January 31,2011

Weekend Review

Thursday – stayed in watched a few movies and hit Xsport (which I’m still late on paying my bill, they tell me everytime I go in) late night, good chill Thursday.

Friday – Went by Barcelona in Wrigley with Bootsy, to visit a few friends that were DJing. Then hit up Proof for the rest of the night to hear Criz R & KalendR. Some good lookin faces out so I decided to have people over after Proof, ofcourse only guys showed up!

Saturday – Went by Griffin w/ PDA & my friend Al, Tony Arzadon was playing really good. But it was insanely hot and packed inside, so we bounced early to Spybar. Twenty minutes later I get a txt saying a cat fight broke out and some girl busted a bottle over another girls head. I guess on the way down she cut the whole side of her face and her neck, “pools of blood everywhere” so they shut down early and she was rushed to the hospital. Nobody knows the outcome of that.   Spybar was real good though, KalendR & Inphinity had a CD release party.  Ofcourse the only CD I get was broken by the time I got home.

Sunday – Went by Loft610 to visit Rami & Billy, where we did endless shots from Billy so he obviously hated us all by the time we left.  Then headed over to Proof to piss off Adam a little bit.  Went home early so I can sleep in Monday :)

How was your weekend guys?  Do anything exciting and different?  I need summer here asap, can’t really do much in this weather.

As far as Monday goes…