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March 18,2011

You don’t like weights, cardio, or gyms…then don’t do em

A lot of people’s problem with staying fit is that they just dread going to the gym. Up until the last few decades gym’s weren’t even commonplace. They were a luxury for the super rich/famous/elite. But Obesity has risen in the last few decades when anyone can just go to a gym and get fit? Why is that? Well because up until the last few decades people were just active. They didn’t need a gym to stay fit, their daily lives incorporated enough activity to keep them healthy. Now we’re eating portions twice as large and moving half as much. We lead sedentary lifestyles; often sitting at a desk all day only to come home and sit on a couch all night.

You don’t have to be in a gym to be fit. You just have to do something. Find enjoyment in the outdoors, or an activity that gets you moving. Personally I’ve found a wealth of activities to keep me moving…so many that I’m not in the gym for a beach body, I’m in the gym to keep prepared. I know that my body is ready for anything I throw at it. Whether I step in the octagon, play a national championship football game in Miami, compete in the PSP National Paintball tournament, ride in one of the biggest cycling races in the US, free climb the Devil’s Needle in Devil’s Lake, or surf in Maui, I am ready…and yes I’ve done all of these.

One such activity is climbing and bouldering. Which is exactly what I did last night to take a break from lifting…and to create a new route on the wall I teach at that is sure to baffle my fellow climbers.

And if anyone is interested in learning to climb with me it’s only $5 on Monday nights, beats any drink special you’ll find, and feels better when you’re done.