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March 7, 2011

TheMixTools – New Record Pool

TheMixTools is a new record pool based out of L.A. Their uploads include the latest tracks as well as throwbacks, 80’s, dj tools, transitions, and more. Tracks include intros/outros and are all properly tagged – Serato ready and are high quality 320-256kbs. Click the link below for a sample pack for non-members:

DOWNLOAD ZIP: 1.) Buena Vista Social Club – Guantanamera (TMT Pitbull Refix) 2.) Nas –READ MORE

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March 7, 2011

Unless you are Deadmau5 or Skrillex!!!

Ok I personally cannot stand Dub step anymore for the fact of anyone can produce shit.  You can make any song dub step by just throwing in that loud obnoxious noise in the middle of the song “WAAaaa WAA WA WA WA Wwaaaaaaaa”, and its MAGIC every hipster and 19 year old college girl will love it.

But I heard this track today and I have to say at leastREAD MORE

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March 6, 2011

Some winners right here

Trifonic – Broken (Inertia_ Remix)

Heres a little soulful IDM remix for you guys, free for download. Soundcloud link here. And I also wanted to note that Trifonic does this amazing thing where they have, available for download, tracks readily made for remix. If you like their sound, and produce music, you might want to check it out. Found here.

Delorean – Stay Close (RAC Mix)


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March 3, 2011

Warning – May cause bleeding of the ears

Look, maybe I’m not the best critic on this subject because I am very anti Reality TV/Reality TV star/Celebrity obsessions/etc. but mother of God someone needs to be put in the electric chair for the abomination that is Kim Kardashian’s “newest single”

What do you think?

Was this just beyond stupid by all parties concerned?

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March 3, 2011

Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)

Let me just leave this here. Enjoy
Remix by artist Feed Me. Check out his new album on Beatport.
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March 2, 2011

Taygo – My Penis (way better then “I just had sex”)

I know everyone loved the “I just had sex” SNL skit, but I personally f*cking hated it.  My roommate and my other friend have been playing I JUST HAD SEX, over and over for the past 2 weeks all day.  So I’m glad I found this because the lyrics are actually pretty damn good, and its catchy also.  Nice work Taygo, you just received meREAD MORE

Promose7en Video
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