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March 30,2012


The creative minds of Derailed “Chicago’s Premier Monthly Pub Crawl” have chosen to hook up with Promose7en to as Brian Galati would say… “TAKE OVER THE WORLD”! So when he comes at us with that approach how could we say no?  Expect big things from these two companies uniting!! Where we bring together massive amounts of people from all part’s of Chicago, to have great time together, with a mixture of a little craziness.   As of right now Every 1st Wednesday of every month we do a Wrigleyville crawl, and every 3rd Wednesday of every month we do a Lincoln Park crawl.   Each Pub Crawl we have a new theme and tons of giveaways to ensure a crazy, wild, and weird time!  For instance the next event we’re doing in Wrigley April 4th is “Crawl of the Wild” so people will be wearing the most obnoxious animal print and creative things they can get their hands on.  Be sure to check us out for Round 7!   Also its worth registering on the website it takes two seconds and you receive stuff at throughout the night if you are a member!  Just click here!

Check out pictures from all the Derailed Crawls by clicking here!

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about any of these events please just call or text George Rizzio at 847-668-8586

p.s. wear TONS OF WHITE!! :P