January 21,2013

Weekend Recap!!! Great weekend with a sad ending..

Since we all know I don’t bullshit, I’m gonna have to say the weekend started off a little slow due to the cold weather we got hit with.  But Thursday night at SPYBAR turned out great, it was good to see Josh the Funky 1 playing at promose7en event and hearing some fresh music.

Josh the Funky 1 @ SPYBAR

But the weekend picked up quickly the next day, with Sound-bar being our new residency I’m starting to really feel the love of Franklin street.  Always lots of random faces on Fridays which is a nice mix up.  I don’t mind seeing the same people every night, cause after all we do surround ourselves with some pretty kick ass people.  BUT it’s a nice change of pace when you can run into people not from Chicago or don’t typically go “clubbing”.  Which is what we get at Sound.

Sound-bar Fridays

Saturday night we had the ex NBA start Rony Seikaly throw down at SPY which is always a good vibe.  That guy can throw down, and I don’t just mean a basketball.  So awesome seeing a 7 foot 2 inch man in that DJ booth.  Well done Rony, Saturday night was going on!!   Also Sunday we relaunched the BOOM BOOM ROOM party at the newly designed Dolphin!!  Every room of that place was packed and the party was just as good if not better then it was 2 years ago.  Lotta new people attending and young bucks getting to learn what BBR is all about.  It’s safe to say Sundays are back!!

Here’s a mix from our friend Mr. Rockwell that was sent to me over the weekend, take a listen.  Give him your feedback.


Like I said, a great weekend with a sad ending.  Our dear friend Tall Ross passed away from a Heart Attack over the weekend.  Being only 27 years old and such a loved person by everyone he’s ever met, this turns out to be such a tragedy.   Take every morning as a blessing no matter  how hard the day a head of you might seem.  Rest in Peace Ross, you will be truly missed by everyone.

RIP our dear friend “Tall Ross” you will be deeply missed.